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Michigan contracts private firm for prison food services

From the article: “The Michigan Department of Corrections said Tuesday it will contract out food services at the state’s 31 prisons to a private vendor, cutting 373 jobs and reversing its earlier decision that the bids did not meet minimum savings requirements.”

Ohio is in the same consideration process.  Bids have closed, but it’s looking like Ohio prisons’ food services will also be privatized soon.  We’ll see.
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OH: Two Deaths at Ross Correctional Institution in Trial

In one, currently in trial, an older inmate killed a young inmate who was allegedly pressing him for money and who had earlier assaulted him.  He is claiming that the act was self-defense.  Read the article, which has an impressive amount of detail on the case.

In the other case, an inmate in segregation strangled his cellmate.  He was just charged.  Read more here.

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GA: Inmate accused of planning violent crimes in prison

From the article: “Channel 2 Action News has discovered a Georgia prison inmate serving six life sentences for planning violent robberies from inside prison could be back at it again.”

And this, kids, is why cellphones in prisons are dangerous.

What does the department have to say?

“The Department aggressively works to prevent contraband from entering our facilities. The Department actively conducts searches inmate cells and prison property through the use of Tactical Squads. All facilities are equipped with CellSense devices which aides in the detection of illegal cell phones.”

Hmmm….how’s that been working out for you?

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Prisoners of interior design.

Runs with Scissors


Last week at the at the 2013 Milan Design Week, the art group Cibic Workshop along with the Comodo organization invited the skilled incarcerated from a high security prison in Italy to present their prototype for Freedom Room.

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How Many Stars On Yelp Did Your Local Prison Get?

Have you reviewed your local, friendly correctional facility on Yelp?  Check out some of these.


USA is #1 …in jailing its population

The Acronym Journal

This clip is an excerpt from American Autumn: an Occudoc. Get it on iTunes today.

The question of whether persons convicted of a crime should be imprisoned or not is now increasingly influenced by economic interests. While prisons have long tended to be located in rural communities because of the availability of cheap land, this trend has accelerated in recent decades as a result of lobbying by rural officials. With declining economic prospects in many of these communities, many local leaders have come to view prisons as their best hope of economic opportunity through the jobs that are generated. In practice, this has not proven to be beneficial to these areas, but nonetheless rural legislators continue to seek such opportunities. Perhaps not coincidentally, many of these officials are also strong supporters of harsh sentencing policies. – Marc Mauer

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LA: Violence inside OPP sends dozens to the hospital each month

From the article: “Over the years, the issue of non-fatal violence in the jail has largely gone unnoticed. Statistics from the U.S. Justice Department show that at least 700 assaults occurred in the facilities last year. At least 32 stabbings were reported.”

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The Dutch protest the massive closure of prisons

(Video’s credits to Laura Zuffi)

25 April 2013 – The streets of The Hague city centre were crowded today when around 300 hundred people were marching protesting against the closures of more than 30 prisons in The Netherlands.

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Congressional Black Caucus Chair Marcia Fudge seeks fair phone call rates for prison inmates

From the article: “The Congressional Black Caucus, led by Rep. Marcia Fudge of Warrensville Heights, today asked the Federal Communications Commission to reduce the exorbitant rates that prisoners around the country are charged to make phone calls to their family members.”

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