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The building of a penitentiary in the city of Taquarituba, countryside of São Paulo state, Brazil, is dividing the resident’s opinions. While some people fear a rising in city’s criminality, others believe that the prison will bring more job opportunities to town.

Journalist Eros Alonso, 60, is against the installation of the complex. He claims that the government fails to invest in other greater public needs in order to expand the prison system. “We believe that our region needs other investments. We do not accept the prison. It is being imposed by the authorities. The entire region is already filled with penitentiaries, and we don’t have a good hospital, neither a public university. These are our real claims”, he says.

The journalist also complains that a penitentiary in town scares away investors: “Many people do not want to invest in a municipality with a penitentiary. The money applied to the…

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