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Recidivism is at an all-time low in the state of Ohio as of a report released on February 22.

According to an article from, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) announced its offender recidivism rate is at a record low, with only 28.7 percent of inmates returning to prison after release.

How are Ohio prisons making this happen?

According to the article, Ohio has done this through “[…] a reliance on evidenced-based programming, the Ohio Risk Assessment System, and refined reception processes that better identify offender needs.”

Neither the “evidence-based programming” nor the “refined reception processes” are specified by the article.

However, we at Second Sentence find it hopeful that trained rehabilitation professionals might be working with released or soon-to-be released inmates on how to better facilitate their re-entry into society.

One of the tools employed in Ohio that may be making a difference is the Ohio…

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