OH: Lake Erie Prison Plagued By Violence And Drugs After Corporate Takeover

Great Huffington Post article on a recent report by Ohio’s Correctional Institution Inspection Committee on Lake Erie Correctional Institution, OH’s privately-owned and operated facility.

From the article: “A new report detailing a state inspection of a private prison in Ohio describes gang-related violence so commonplace and drug use so rampant that many guards are afraid to intervene — instead, they are leaving their jobs at an alarming rate.”

Read more here.

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3 thoughts on “OH: Lake Erie Prison Plagued By Violence And Drugs After Corporate Takeover

  1. J says:

    My brother is an inmate here and he was just recently attacked by several inmates and suffered numerous head injuries. This place is inhumane and she be shut down before someone dies. These men are being imprisoned for crimes that should be considered for probation. They are made to live in conditions that are turning them into animals. Most of them enter as husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers who made a mistake. They will leave worse than could have ever been before. Who is going to stop this? Don’t we still live in America?

  2. I believe the state is aware of the problems at Lake Erie CI and has publicly stated that they are working to correct them. You could write directly to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to voice your concerns, contact the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (www.ciic.state.oh.us), or possibly the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. The Ohio ACLU has also been taking a strong interest.

  3. It’s the new “Jim Crow” mass incarceration of blacks. Being disenfranchised inside the walls by hate and racism only to fight for your life to be hug for life as a felon. It my hope that we can educate our youth on what is taking place so they will have the information to make sound decisions about practicing negativity.

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