ME: Video from US prison shows inmate held down, pepper sprayed at close range

From the article: “The story and video first appeared in this week’s Maine Sunday Telegram, and were further reported on by the Portland Press Herald, with a shorter clip accompanied by some two hours of additional video. The raw footage depicts Windham Correctional Center inmate Paul Schlosser being bound to a restraint chair, flanked by five prison officials – three of them in riot gear – protesting that guards “watch his arm,” and subsequently being pepper sprayed in the face at close range by Captain Shawn Welch.”

Read the article here and see the video here.  I will warn you that it is really disturbing.  The guy, who seems to potentially have some mental health issues, is clearly terrified and distressed after being maced in the face and the captain keeps interrogating him, trying to teach him a “lesson.”

And what gets me is that unless this video had been leaked to the press, the incident never would have raised any questions from higher-ups.  The incident report likely says that the inmate “resisted” and since mace doesn’t result in any physical injuries, there would have been no questions and no litigation.  But you can see that there is a possibility of emotional and mental damage from this incident.  Just because mace doesn’t result in physical harm does not mean that it is not force.

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