CA: Inmate suicide rate is focus in court fight over California prisons

From the article: “The suicide rate in California prisons last year was 23.72 per 100,000 inmates, an increase over the previous year and a rate substantially higher than the national average of 16 per 100,000 inmates. Most of the 2012 deaths were a result of hangings. These suicide rates and the level of mental health care provided in the prisons are expected to be the subject of furious argument in court later this month as the two sides square off before U.S. District Judge Lawrence K. Karlton in Sacramento.

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2 thoughts on “CA: Inmate suicide rate is focus in court fight over California prisons

  1. MisBehaved Woman says:

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  2. Morrighan says:

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    maybe just maybe… the california department of corrections will finally be punished for their crimes against humanity. i’m no bleeding heart by any ones measure. i believe that the death penalty should NOT be abolished. at the same time i’ve been locked up and i know how screwed up c.o.’s can be. i also know how it feels to think that they can get away with murder or anything they want to perpetrate upon me because they are a part of the legal process. people need to continue to pressure california to change their penal system, because as california goes so goes the rest of the U.S. penal systems.

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