Little Change In Honduras Prison Where 362 Died

Word to the wise: don’t catch a case in Honduras.

One year ago, 360 inmates died in a fire.  Many of the prisons apparently don’t have running water, meaning that the chance of it happening again remains high.  Further, most of the inmates are held without being convicted.

And then there’s this gem:

“We receive water for a couple of hours a day thanks to a neighbor who lets us connect to his tank, but the water is not always clean. Sometimes a fire truck will supply some water as a donation from the mayor’s office,” said Gonzalo de Jesus, the prison administrator who works with Garcia.

Roberto Urquia, who works in the Juticalpa prison infirmary, brings his own water and boils it to make is safe.

“About 25 percent of the inmates have chronic gastrointestinal problems,” he said.


Read the article here.

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