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The Washington Post reports that William Pierce, a 44 year-old Deaf HIV patient has filed suit against the city of D.C. because he was denied treatment, unfairly kept in solitary, and handcuffed – essentially a gag for the Deaf.

The ACLU, which is handling the case, has stated Pierce was denied access to an interpreter and handcuffed during visits from his mother and his partner. He was denied access to his prescribed HIV medications – necessary to prevent his life threatening illness from progressing.

Pierce was serving a 60 day sentence – for assault – at the Central Treatment Facility, one of the private jails run by the Corrections Corporation of America. CCA is not listed as a defendant in the case, and the D.C. Department of Corrections did not reply to the Post’s request for a statement.

In an e-mail, a spokesman for CCA said…

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