PA: Suspended prison guard charged with sexually assaulting inmate for three years

This is disturbing.  From the article: “State police at Rockview said Marlin E. Freeman, 54, forced the inmate to perform sexual acts in the prison chapel between September 2009 and April.  Freeman, of Ramey, Clearfield County, allegedly threatened that the inmate would lose his janitorial job in the prison’s medical facility or would face solitary confinement if he did not comply, police wrote in charging documents filed Tuesday.”

It gets worse:

Freeman previously worked on the cell block where the inmate stayed, the incarcerated man told police. The inmate said Freeman would stalk his cell, standing outside and looking in the window.

After moving to the chapel, Freeman would summon the inmate in the late evening, when no one else was in the area, under the pretext of returning religious tapes for inventory, the inmate alleges.

The inmate states that he tried to tell people about the assaults, but no one listened.  Read more here.
Makes you glad the PREA regulations have come out and that facilities will be audited.
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