Canada’s Correctional System has seen some improvements in the last two decades.  Regional prisons have been erected across the country, allowing federally sentenced women to remain closer to their communities and families.  First Nations run Healing lodges have also been implemented in the recovery of Aboriginal inmates.  Culturally aware programs geared towards Aboriginals, such as access to counseling, drug and alcohol programs, and anger management are now available and used in traditional prisons.  However, Canada is still seeing a gross population difference between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals.  This over representation of Aboriginal peoples in Canadian Correctional System is a direct result of Colonization. Racial profiling, stereotyping, and ignorance still hold a heavy burden on the Aboriginal population of Canada, especially in Women.  This duel oppression of First Nation women has had negative impacts on the entire Aboriginal community.

Canada’s Aboriginal female population to date is 2.5%. Federally sentenced Aboriginal women make…

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