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WA inmate in critical condition after Taser used

From the article, “A Kennewick, Wash., jail inmate who reportedly stopped breathing shortly after being shocked with a Taser remains hospitalized in critical condition.”

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More on the Mexican Prison Disturbance

According to this article, the disturbance was caused by inmates’ anger at 137 inmates being transferred to other prisons.  The inmates were able to access firearms – the article says that authorities are investigating how the inmates had the weapons, but the next sentence says that the previous Warden was arrested due to guards letting inmates “borrow” their guns and leave the premises.  I’m no detective, but I think the mystery of how inmates were able to obtain weapons is solved.

Read the article here.

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IL: Authorities say 2 inmates escape from federal prison in downtown Chicago

This is kind of amazing.  From the article: “Two convicted bank robbers were on the run after using a knotted rope or bed sheets to escape from a federal prison window high above downtown Chicago early Tuesday, a week after one of them made a courtroom vow of retribution.”

The inmates climbed down 20 stories with a rope made out of knotted bedsheets.

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17 killed as armed inmates attempt prison break in northern Mexico

From the article: “At least 17 people were killed when inmates tried to escape from a prison in northern Mexico Tuesday, firing guns at guard towers and running through tunnels below the facility. The dead included 11 inmates and six guards, Durango state public safety officials said in a statement.”

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CA: Jury awards $80K to inmate punched by LA deputy

According to the inmate, the deputy “punched him twice for stepping through the open door of his cell to ask another jail employee if he could make a call to his mother.

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Related, a deputy was arrested in a  NC use of force case.
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Ark. rapist is denied prison standards book

This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.  The Arkansas prison system has denied an inmate the American Correctional Association (ACA) standards manual because the inmate could use it to “sabotage daily operations.”

How, exactly?  Would it be knowing the standard for employee evaluations?  Or the one for appropriate noise levels?  I’m guessing the real issue is that the inmate would probably point out deficiencies…

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Death Penalty Information Center: THE DEATH PENALTY IN 2012: YEAR END REPORT

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, executions are near a record low.  The South continues to lead in executions (no surprise there).  Connecticut became the fifth state in five years to abolish the death penalty.  Only nine states actually carried out executions in 2012.  Check out the report here.


Prison Population Declined In 26 States During 2011

From the article: “Twenty-six state departments of corrections reported decreases in their prison population during 2011, the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported today. California reported the largest decline (down 15,493), while New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Florida, and Texas each had population decreases of more than 1,000 prisoners in 2011.”

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OH: Governor Commutes Death Sentence of Obese Inmate

In what comes as a bit of a shock, the Parole Board has recommended clemency for an inmate who has stated that the death penalty would be cruel and unusual punishment as his weight made it difficult for staff to find his veins.  The Parole Board based its decision on the inadequacy of counsel that Post received.  The Governor decided today to commute Post’s sentence to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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It's Only Natural To Resist.

Israeli Prison

IMEMC – The International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights issued a press release revealing that 18 seriously ill detainee, permanently at the Al-Ramla Prison Clinic are facing life-threatening conditions due to the lack of adequate and specialized medical attention and treatment.

Foundation’s Lawyer, Mohammad Al-Aabed, stated that one of the detainees, Nahedh Faraj Al-Aqra’, 41, suffers from a mental illness while his right leg was amputated while serious wounds in his left leg are infected and not healing an issue that could lead to amputating it too.

He was taken prisoner on July 7, 2000, while he was returning from a Jordanian hospital where he received treatment, and was sentenced to three life terms; his family was never allowed to visit him since he was kidnapped 12 years ago.

Al-Aabed also said that detainee Ayman Taleb Abu Sitta, from the Gaza Strip, is suffering from a liver infection…

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