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Crumlin Road Jail (Gaol) – in which up to the year 1996 25 thousand prisoners were kept.
Last hanging took place here in 1961.
Between the Sixties and The Nineties it served as a reprimand center for people suspected of being terrorists. It was where Rev. Ian Paisley, Lenny Murphy, the leader of blood thirsty Shankill Butchers gand and some IRA leaders were held.
Today it is turned to a museum.
But some people who spent there their time are still alive. Cleared off their status of terrorists participate in peace-building process in Northern Ireland.

Crumlin Road Gaol_3726

Crumlin Road Gaol_3703

Crumlin Road Gaol_3745

Crumlin Road Gaol_3736
Crumlin Road Gaol_3714

Crumlin Road Gaol_3735

Crumlin Road Gaol_3710

121210_Crumlin Road Gaol_3744

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