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Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is moving ahead with his controversial plan to privatize prisoners’ health care. Florida is now locked into a contract with Corizon Healthcare of Nashville. Nearly 2000 state employees received notices that there jobs will be terminated. But former state employees will have preferential treatment in the upcoming hiring process. The Sun-Sentinel reports,

It shouldn’t have happened this way. But a handful of people in Tallahassee are determined to privatize Florida’s prisons, including health care services, no matter that they can’t get enough votes to pass these proposals in the Florida Legislature.

Florida Republicans seem determined to privatize whatever they can, though for some projects the math just doesn’t add up. Other examples of states that have implemented privatized prisons have not seen any substantial savings.

Although lawmakers like Scott tout privatization as an effective cost-saving measure to offset expensive care in the state prison system, private prisons often don’t actually save states any money. In…

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