NY: City Agrees to Pay $850,000 to End Suit Over Inmate’s 2004 Beating Death

From the article: “For the fourth time in less than a year, New York City has agreed to make a large payment to settle a lawsuit claiming violence against a city inmate.”

According to the article, the inmate was assaulted twice – the second (fatal) time, it was as he was being escorted to a segregation unit for his safety.

Of equal interest is the following:

Ms. Karten said the case was an early example of “an institutionalized culture” in the jails in which “guards would basically empower the inmates to take action to enforce the discipline.” In more recent years, officials have cited such a rogue system known as the Program.

I can’t find additional resources on the “Program” (probably because the search term is so vague and applies to legitimate prison programs), but it regrettably sounds familiar in its similarity to “prison justice” regimes.

Read the article here.

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