CA: Soledad prison nurses under investigation for alleged wrongdoing

From the article: “Parallel investigations are examining whistleblower accusations involving suspected payroll fraud, diversion of pharmaceutical narcotics and falsification of medical records to cover missing drugs at Soledad’s Correctional Training Facility dating back as far as 2009.”

The accusations focus on Angelia Britt, the Director of Nursing for the state prison system, who allegedly authorized hundreds of hours of unauthorized overtime pay for her friend, a nursing who was reportedly “never at work.”  Five  nursing supervisors signed a vote of “no confidence” against Britt:

Pimentel said time-card fraud at the prison was rampant and the culture among staff poisonous, pitting employees bent on breaking the law against those who wanted to follow the rules.

While he and others reported both the payroll and narcotics irregularities to their superiors, he said, he felt little was done. When he continued to push, a disciplinary action was initiated against him for “being rude” to co-workers, including Britt.

“I didn’t know who to be more afraid of, the inmates or staff,” Pimentel said. “Either you played along with their games or they hated you. I finally cashed out.”

Read more here.

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