CT: Jury Hears More Confessions From Prisoner Accused Of Killing Cellmate

From the article: “Jusino 25, was about three years into a 30-year sentence for murder when, according to authorities, he beat and strangled Reynaldo Robles on July 28, 2009, at Northern Correctional Institution in Somers, the state’s super-max prison.  After killing Jusino, authorities say, Jusino carved his name and gang affiliation, “King Guala,” into Robles’ chest. Only Jusino and Robles were in the cell when Robles was killed.”

My favorite part of the article is this:

Jusino’s defense attorney, Michael Fitzpatrick, initially objected to allowing the jury to see the full text of the letters because they contained profanity and didn’t cast Jusino in a “positive light.”

Yes….incriminating documents do tend to have that pesky quality.  Very unfair.

The second best part of the article is this:

Angel Quiros, a state Department of Correction official who was warden at Northern when Robles was killed, testified that he received an inmate request form from Jusino asking that prison officials change his gang affiliation in prison records.  “Look, I don’t know what else to do to change my affiliation,” Jusino wrote in the request dated Sept. 2, 2009. “I told ya I’m not a Blood, I’m a Latin King. [Expletive] when I killed Robles, I wrote King Guala on his chest. Still nobody changes my affiliation.”

He’s just a misunderstood man.

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