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Prison conditions, death penalty debate

Femeie din Sudan, închisă în puşcăria din Juba, Sudanul de Sud (- / AFP / Getty Images)

A female inmate sits in the prison yard at Juba’s central prison in South Sudan on Oct. 23, 2012. In the capital of the world’s newest nation, nearly 200 people await execution in filthy and crowded conditions, with many never having even seen a lawyer. (-/AFP/Getty Images)

The newly formed nation of South Sudan, which gained its independence in July 2011, is at the center of an international death penalty debate.

In December, South Sudan will vote on a U.N. General Assembly resolution to put a moratorium on executions, a step toward abolishing the practice. From 1976 to March of this year, 141 nations worldwide have abolished the death penalty. South Sudan is one of the 57 countries that retains the practice.

Human rights groups report on the overall maladministration of justice in the country. With a poor record for providing due process, it is…

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