Norway: Life in Prison Suite Doesn’t Agree With a Mass Killer

See Anders.  Anders is unhappy.  Very unhappy.  Anders killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.  In turn, he received only a 21 year sentence and a three cell suite in a prison that looks like the house that Ikea built.

However, he would like the world to know that he is still serving hard time in inhumane conditions – among them, he has to experience the indignity of strip searches, he is not allowed hydrating skin cream, and his cell lacks a view.  As further example of the hardships that he is enduring, the stab-proof pen that he is allowed makes his hand cramp.  And his coffee gets cold.


Okay, so as not to be overly flip, he does state a legitimate concern in that he is isolated from social interaction essentially all hours of the day, and lacking any view of the outside world can also have debilitating mental effects.

Read the article here and you can determine for yourself the level of sympathy to muster.

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