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Russian inmate’s beating puts spotlight on police brutality

From the article: “Russia’s prison authority took action after video footage appeared on the Internet showing men in uniform hitting and kicking a prisoner who has his hands tied behind his back and his trousers down.”

Apparently, the prison authority “action” is to justify and deny:

The prison authority said the inmate had behaved “extremely provocatively”, disobeyed orders and refused to exchange civilian clothes for a prison uniform at the start of a 3-1/2 year jail sentence for robbery and assault.

Well, if that doesn’t deserve a beating by multiple staff, I don’t know what does…

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CA: Inmate’s death highlights detox policy at Santa Cruz County Jail

According to the article, “The staff determined that he had used drugs and he was seen by a physician. He was put on a “detox protocol,” which includes checks from medical staff.  Two days later, about 6 p.m. Nov. 20, a jail staff member found Monnett unresponsive in his bunk bed.”

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CO: Ponciano Zendejas-Garces gets 24 more years

From the article: “A Department of Corrections inmate has been sentenced to serve an additional 24 years in prison after his manslaughter conviction in the 2010 death of his cellmate.”

According to the article, the inmate stated that he did everything that he could to avoid it.  Curious minds (mine) wanted to know more.  A little more googling reveals that he was apparently assaulted several times by the other inmate, who was taller, heavier, and younger than Zendejas-Garces.  Does this make it excusable?  Not according to the judge in this case.

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UK: Report into Samuel Carson death criticises NI prison service

From the article: “The NI prison service has been criticised for failing to investigate repeated bullying and threats against an alleged sex offender.  Samuel Carson, 19, hanged himself in his cell last year.”

According to the article, there were many documented incidents of the inmate being verbally and physically harassed by other inmates.  Staff expressed concern, but no action was taken.

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The Bold New Post

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is moving ahead with his controversial plan to privatize prisoners’ health care. Florida is now locked into a contract with Corizon Healthcare of Nashville. Nearly 2000 state employees received notices that there jobs will be terminated. But former state employees will have preferential treatment in the upcoming hiring process. The Sun-Sentinel reports,

It shouldn’t have happened this way. But a handful of people in Tallahassee are determined to privatize Florida’s prisons, including health care services, no matter that they can’t get enough votes to pass these proposals in the Florida Legislature.

Florida Republicans seem determined to privatize whatever they can, though for some projects the math just doesn’t add up. Other examples of states that have implemented privatized prisons have not seen any substantial savings.

Although lawmakers like Scott tout privatization as an effective cost-saving measure to offset expensive care in the state prison system, private prisons often don’t actually save states any money. In…

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A man in Mississippi will spend an additional two months behind bars because, according to his attorney, the only available Spanish translator in the area has died.

Yoany Oriel Serrano-Bejarano is one of three men so far indicted for taking part in a May prison riot at a privately-run federal prison in Natchez, Miss. The riot left a 24-year-old prison guard dead. Inmates told the press that they were protesting abusive conditions including a lack of medical care.

Mr. Serrano-Bejarano pleaded not guilty before federal Magistrate Judge F. Keith Ball late last month and jury trial was initially scheduled for December 3. But the case was continued, court documents read, because “the current shortage of interpreters has prevented counsel from communicating with Mr. Serrano-Bejarano in a timely fashion.”

“Mr. Serrano does not speak one lick of English and I don’t speak one lick of Spanish,” the defendant’s appointed public defender…

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MD: Inmates seriously injured in assaults at NBCI, WCI

Another serious assault in MD.  From the article: “A 52-year old inmate serving a life sentence for a first-degree sexual assault was critically wounded during an incident Tuesday at North Branch Correctional Institution.”

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OH: Judge rejects obese Ohio inmate’s execution claim

From the article: “Death row inmate Ronald Post, who weighs more than 400 pounds, is asking the courts to stop his January execution on the grounds his weight could cause him to suffer severe pain during the procedure.”

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MD: Baltimore man, 20, near death after severe prison beating

From the article: “A 20-year-old Baltimore man serving an 18-month prison sentence on drug distribution and gun convictions at a correctional facility in Cumberland was severely beaten there Monday and is now close to death, according to his family and state corrections officials.”

According to the article, the family questions the prison’s assertion that another inmate was the cause of the victim’s death:

“His jaw’s broken. He’s got a boot print on the left side of his face. The inmates don’t even wear boots. He’s got glove marks on his neck,” Scott said, his voice breaking.

“Jerod was the type of young man, he was a fighter,” Scott said. “But he had no defensive wounds on his hands, and that’s kind of unusual if they’re saying the inmates did it, because he would have fought to his last breath.”

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