WA: At jail, a rising tide of suicide

From the article: “Between 2007 and 2011, there were nine suicides in the Clark County Jail. In 2007 there were eight suicide attempts; so far this year there have been 19 attempts, said Clark County Sheriff’s Commander Ric Bishop.”

According to the article, reforms include:

• replacing all 42 shower heads with shorter-nozzled models, and replacing at least 356 protruding fire sprinklers. Installing new sprinklers will require cutting into walls and moving pipes;

• working with a local mental health services provider to share information; and

• increasing mental health services in the jail by 40 hours, to 120 hours a week, and services will be available during the night. A psychiatrist will be at the jail three hours a week to see the most troubled inmates.

Read more here.

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