GA: Prison guard pleads in beating case

From the article: “In connection with his plea, McKenzie admitted that he saw members of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) as they escorted an inmate, T. D., from the scene of an incident, to the gym.  McKenzie acknowledged that he knew that the officers would assault T. D. in the gym.”

“McKenzie went into the gym and approached the inmate, who was handcuffed and surrounded by CERT, and told him, “Don’t mess with my officers.”  A CERT member then punched the inmate and threw him to the ground, and defendant McKenzie did nothing to stop the assault.  Instead, McKenzie left the gym, knowing that CERT members would continue to beat the inmate.  McKenzie told Macon State Prison supervisors that the CERT members were beating inmate T. D., but the supervisors also took no action to stop the assault on the inmate.”

Read more here.

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