Inmates at “Old Max” build choppers with con flair, but no hype

This is a great article regarding inmates building choppers in the Colorado prison system.

I am also a huge fan of Big House Choppers, a similar industry, in Nevada.  Their motto?  “We have the time to do it right.”  Love it.

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2 thoughts on “Inmates at “Old Max” build choppers with con flair, but no hype

  1. Joe Diamond says:

    I can see a man learning to build bikes or repair them in prison. And I can see those bikes being sold to build a fund to get the man started upon release.

    What I have trouble expressing is an explanation to a motorcycle dealer who pays all kinds of taxes, overhead and employee costs having to compete with a prison industry with no costs.

    A thought I had was rebuilding cars for the working poor………..but, again, there is an industry on the outside who would sell to the same market.

    Beyond me…..but I see the need.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Joe! It is indeed a very sensitive area – you would never want to take jobs away from hard-working citizens. At the same time, people also complain about the cost of corrections and the large chunk that corrections departments generally consume of the state budget. In Ohio, one idea has been to partner with companies that would otherwise be outsourcing their jobs (sometimes this is difficult to prove) – that way, the inmates are only taking jobs that would have gone to China or Mexico anyway – or providing specialty services strictly to the government.

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