Record-high prison numbers sparking violence

From the article: “Canada’s prison population has reached an all-time high , with more inmates sharing cells designed for one, a situation that has raised tensions and led to growing violence, Canada’s correctional investigator says.

Howard Sapers, an ombudsman for inmates, presented the latest figures during a weekend national symposium on prison overcrowding in Ottawa that drew about 80 of Canada’s top criminologists, lawyers and prison experts.”

I have long found it ironic/humorous that Canadians raise the issue of double-bunking as a serious safety issue in prisons, when American prisons have been double or even triple-bunking for decades.

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2 thoughts on “Record-high prison numbers sparking violence

  1. Joanne says:

    Yes, and how is the violence in American prisons?

  2. Haha. Zing! No, that was actually my point that I obviously could have expressed better. We have so many problems in American prisons that double-bunking doesn’t even make the list. It was more a commentary on America than on Canada.

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