Dogged by complaints, prison operator GEO Group keeps growing

Article on both the rising profits and rising complaints regarding the GEO Group.  According to the article, “Federal inspectors visited the prison in December and found too few guards on duty and broken cell locks. OSHA said GEO Group guards were stabbed, bitten, punched and kicked by inmates, and that the company did little to protect them.”

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One thought on “Dogged by complaints, prison operator GEO Group keeps growing

  1. Lordrobot says:

    Absurd liberal slant. Prisoners are prisoners for a reason. Charles Manson isn’t raving about his jail perks nor should he. He is there for a reason and everyone in prison has been put there by a Court for what the Court deems to be a sufficient reason. And of course it goes without saying that everyone in Prison is innocent.

    Inmates are not in prison for luxury. And if inmates attack guards, it demonstrates clearly that they belong there and need even more time. Prisons are to keep the uncivilized brutes from citizens.

    As for privatization, liberals don’t want that; they want everything controlled by big Gov. So you have a post office that loses 16 freaking billion in the first quarter of this year and you didn’t see Barney Frank or Dodd convene any gov hearings. No, they reserve that for companies like JP Morgan that lose two billion of their own money. Gov doesn’t do anything efficiently. They drove Medicare into ground and the mismanagement of the Federal Gov is legion. States sometimes do a better job because they are bound to a balanced budget. So they must cut costs.

    The history of Privatized Gov services has consistently saved the taxpayers money on many levels but especially in Gov overhead and Gov pensions. This isn’t Greece where 3/4 of the work force is gov. employees. But Florida is very close with 3 out of four jobs being government employment and one private sector job that pays for it all.

    The hard cold reality of life is that these illegals, many violent criminals came to this country illegally or remained here illegally. They are law breakers. Forcing the taxpayers to pay for something they don’t want is insane. It would be much cheaper to deport them. But instead we have the typical bleeding heart liberal that pays no taxes crying about the gov trying to save money by privatizing services to deal with a problem that most citizens find repugnant.

    As for medical care at a prison. It is better than what these losers had in the street and it doesn’t cost them a dime for anything including medications. The State gets stuck with the bills for all these losers. Typical of the liberal argument is to focus on one or two special needs patients like somebody that is psychotic. A psychotic should be housed separately at a special facility not with generally healthy inmates. Psychotics have the highest suicide rates. They need to be handled differently and they can’t get that kind of handling at a conventional prison facility. The State has to expect to pick up the liability on a psychotic.

    Remember this that most of these facilities are gov facilities that were losing money and were turned over to the private sector to cap costs. The infrastructure of many facilities is degraded. These are not high security facilities but many of the inmates are violent criminals that ventured into the United States. So some of these inmates belong in lock down facilities. Until they can be sorted out, there is high risk for all. And Quit thinking that illegals have rights under the Constitutions that are the same as a citizen’s rights. They most certainly don’t. They are not citizens and they are criminals.

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