Md. inmate shot after walking away from prison

“Maryland authorities say an inmate serving time for assault is dead after he walked away from a prison and allegedly said officials would have to kill him before he went back.”

Based on the second article, the facility was a pre-release facility, so he wasn’t exactly doing hard time.  Makes you wonder what really happened.
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2 thoughts on “Md. inmate shot after walking away from prison

  1. Joe Diamond says:

    It was a pre release facility.
    Men there are going home. They work on roads picking up trash. They have been approved for release sometime soon and are considered low security risks.

    Once in awhile one man will walk away. They are usually caught and reenter the system with a few new charges.

    Can’t comment on what happened because I was not there and just read the local papers here. But you gotta wonder how this story began.


  2. Thanks for commenting. I agree that it’s a strange situation. Law enforcement staff certainly appear to have been well within their rights to use lethal force, yet it’s too bad that it could not have had a different resolution.

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