Inmate testifies for state in Chesapeake jail escape

“In the hopes of avoiding a felony conviction, an inmate of the Chesapeake City jail testified today against three co-defendants charged with helping a fifth inmate escape.

Standing in a red jail jumpsuit, Keith McAdoo recounted in court how he and the other men used a sheet June 11 to dismantle part of a fence so Clancy Dan Starling could slip underneath.”

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2 thoughts on “Inmate testifies for state in Chesapeake jail escape

  1. exfelonblog says:

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    Aiding an escape is a felony and without an incentive, inmates are less likely to come forward to testify against one another. There is however, the danger that incentives could lead to rampant accusations and blatant attempts at reducing sentences. How do we find the balance?

  2. That’s a great question. I wish I had an answer. In the prison context, I tend to think that staff abuse the use of confidential informants and that inmates giving information on each other leads to an increase in violence. In the criminal justice system, however, there are more checks and balances in place because inmates have the protection of counsel and the evidence has to meet a much higher standard.

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