Prison Photography

Following up on my post about Julie Green’s The Last Supper, I think it is necessary to make an overview of the photography and painting projects that consider America’s death penalty by meals of depicting last meals and last meal requests.

Celia A. Shapiro

Shapiro’s recreations of last meals in lurid colour are possibly the best known within this subject matter. She made the series Last Supper in 2001. Of Shapiro’s work, critic Fred Ritchin said it proves the US only executes poor people. Ritchin’s position might be true, but as Julie Green reminded me most inmates, particularly in Southern states are limited to food from the prison kitchen and usually to a budget of $20.  States that rarely employ the death penalty offer a generous $50 or no limit at all.

In all their garishness, Shapiro’s works are reminiscent of Martin Parr’s work. Parr too photographed the food…

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