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Is now being built near Stockton, California and it ushers in a new era of medical care for aging prisoners, as reported by Southern California Public Radio.

An excerpt.

“California is building the largest prison medical facility in the nation — and it’s doing it at a record clip. That’s because the state has to comply with a federal court order to improve health care for inmates.

“A cluster of a warehouses, bungalows and two-story-high mounds of dirt mark the future home of the California Health Care Facility, just outside of Stockton. Even though the word “prison” isn’t in its name, the 144-acre facility definitely fits the description.

“That will be evident soon when the building contractor rings the perimeter with electrified fences and guard towers. The medical hub inside those fences is designed to provide long-term care to 1,700 inmates too sick to live in regular housing.

“Mike Meredith…

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