Jail violence experts say that Sheriff Lee Baca should relinquish control of jails

“Two national jail experts told the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence Friday that someone other than the sheriff should run Los Angeles County lockups.

“Taking nothing away from Sheriff Baca’s integrity… there should be a separate detention services administration,” said Marty Horn, former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Corrections and a lecturer at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “It should be independent of the Sheriff’s office.”

Read more: http://www.scpr.org/news/2012/08/03/33655/experts-say-la-sheriff-should-relinquish-control-j/


2 thoughts on “Jail violence experts say that Sheriff Lee Baca should relinquish control of jails

  1. terry6155 says:

    Great Blog subject. I don’t know how the Sheriff keeps up with street crime and jail. Law Enforcement, Courts, Corrections are the big three’s and each have a separate role. It’s like having a swat team member try to negotiate with hostage takers. Swat is trained to take them down not truly listen to their grievances, at least that’s what inmates feel. I do agree however that officers should work at least two years in jail before working the street. The experience of working with defenders is invaluable, there is no better way to prepare an officer for the street when it comes to communicating with the public, the not so law abiding public that is. I could go on and on about this subject, one last thing, many complaints of abuse by staff are bogas, not all, but a great many. People who have already proved to behave badly do not like being punished for their crimes and they do their time with a vengence. Hooray for jailors! There is much more to it than being that old saying/name/title of guard.

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