Lessons from Death Row Inmates: Reform the Juvenile Justice System

“What happens before a murder? In looking for ways to reduce the number of death penalty cases, David R. Dowrealized that a surprising number of death row inmates had similar biographies.  In discussing the need for comprehensive intervention for economically disadvantaged and otherwise troubled kids, Dow explains,

“For every $15,000 that we spend intervening in the lives of economically and otherwise disadvantaged kids in those earlier chapters, we save $80,000 in crime-related costs down the road.  Even if you don’t agree that there’s a moral imperative that we do it, it just makes economic sense.”

Check out the blog with a link to his TEDtalk: http://juvenilejusticeblog.web.unc.edu/2012/08/02/lessons-from-death-row-inmates-reform-the-juvenile-justice-system/

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